Sunday, October 13, 2013

We gather once a month in a New York City park to call upon the Divine by some few of countless names; to bear witness to one another's intentions and prayers; to name into our circle those we hold in our hearts; to walk in meditation and reverence around the Phallus that we affirm as wellspring of life's longing for itself.
We have no doctrine, no theology. We follow many spiritual paths. We have in common only the strong, flexible container of this simple but powerful practice, and what we bring to it.
Our ritual is not explicitly sexual. We remain clothed. Thus we assure that our circle offers sufficient space for the longings and needs of every man who comes to the gathering. Thus we can continue to practice in a public space where newcomers can find us by chance--or by Design.

Here you'll find a collection of images and texts, and weblinks to further resources, to help you weave holiness around our embodied experience as men. May you here find support, nourishment, and inspiration for your own journey. Please feel free to suggest further resources for incorporation into this site.

Please join us: for more information about our practice, and when and where we'll next meet, e-mail David Townsend:
"The penis is the exposed tip of the heart, the wand of the soul."--James Broughton